Pro-Drone's mission is to revolutionize how wind turbines are inspected by bringing them into the 21st century. It is our belief that the only way to truly make wind energy widespread is to make it competitive with fossil fuels and we are determined to play our part. We have found that current inspection solutions are either outdated, unsuitable or too unreliable to be adopted by the energy industry.

That is why our core values are robustness, safety and data accessibility. Inspections are much more than just collecting data, it is about leveraging it to deliver efficient operations to the asset manager.. Inspections 2.0.

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Autonomous Flight

Our proprietary drone agnostic flight control software ensures a safe and reliable survey with an average resolution of 0.4mm per pixel. The drone autonomously sets and follows an optimal path that covers all four sides of the blade guaranteeing full blade coverage and consistent overlap.

Processing and Report Generation

Inspection data is processed and made available through our web platform BladeInsight, allowing inspectors to generate analysis in a fast and intuitive way that can be extracted in fully customizable reports or accessed directly from another service. The inspection is supported by our AI automatic damage identification assistant that will flag damages to reduce inspection time and help ensure no damage goes undetected.

Analytics and Asset Management

Analytics and asset management tools on BladeInsight generate automatic insights regarding the status of the assets by identifying trends, generating alarms, allowing full damage traceability and suggesting operational optimizations.

Value Proposition


Our solution was designed to be easily operated by anyone - with 3 days training and an off-the-shelf drone you are ready to carry out best in class autonomous blade inspections anywhere. Upgrade your existing inspections or add a new line of business with our turn-key solution. We are already cooperating with ArthWind in Brazil, Aetos Drones in Belgium and France, and WPS in Sweden.

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WPS - Wind Power Service


If you would like your blades inspected in high quality by a fully qualified team don’t hesitate to contact us directly for a quote. Our solution is fully scalable and so we would be glad to take on any order size needed to meet your demands. We have carried out inspections in Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, France and Brazil for OEM’s, ISP’s and 3rd party auditing.

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"Pro-Drone solution has enabled us to enter and become leaders of drone-based inspections of wind blades in South America. It is robust, safe and of very high quality which has allowed our blade experts to deliver more accurate condition assessment for our customers."

Armando Costa, Founder & CEO, Arthwind

"Thanks to the payload of Pro-Drone we can work together in the sector of wind energy and make a difference for our clients."

Lieve, Business Unit Manager, Aetos

"In our Wind Farms, Pro-Drone autonomous flight solution has proven to be a safe and robust solution, capable of delivering high quality, repeatable blade inspections."

João Sardo, Intl. Asset Manager & WT Expert Wind Department, Generg


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