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Pro-Drone's mission is to revolutionize how wind turbines are inspected by bringing them into the 21st century. It is our belief that the only way to truly make wind energy widespread is to make it competitive with fossil fuels and we are determined to play our part. We have found that current inspection solutions are either outdated, unsuitable or too unreliable to be adopted by the energy industry. That is why our core values are robustness, safety and data accessibility. The quality of the data that we provide is unparalleled in quality and detail. By embracing automation and customizing the control of the UAVs we are paving the way for the next generation of inspections. Inspections 2.0.


Our integrated solution has two key technological components: Our customized control that enables the UAV to have positional awareness in relation to the wind blade and our purpose selected payload.


Our proprietary control feature provides the relative position of the UAV to the blade. This enables the UAV to know where, and how close, it is to the blade. Complementing this information with other onboard sensors the UAV always keeps a safe distance from the blade and follows a much more stable and robust path. Importantly this makes the blade inspection a semi-autonomous and robust procedure as it is no longer dependent on pilot expertize and ensures that the UAV does not collide with the blade. This offers unparalleled reliability and operational safety. Furthermore we are continuously improving our control system with the aim of reaching a fully automated inspection.

Custom payload

We have selected and integrated a custom payload optimized for the specificities of inspecting a blade. Visual inspections are carried out using an industrial camera to deliver milimetric precision on the blade. Thermal inspections, either induced or passive, will also be integrated at a later stage.



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